Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slug - a very sick little 530

This is Slug, my sickest little roomba. First time I turned this roomba on, and he seemed okay, I had him cleaning the area under and around my desk. This was the last time Slug would behave normally, you can see near the end he starts circling. He got a 9 beep error which I am still working on fixing. Right now, he spot cleans okay, and I did fix his broken cleaning motor. It must feel good to have your brushes turning again, right Slug?

Small consolation I guess when you're stuck going in circles.

Here he is showing the error:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Roomba time lapse: Stewie, Malkin and Kaylen

You can see how fast they clean when they're really motivated ;) Time lapse of the 530, 550 and 560 in action as they clean up. The actual duration was around 20 minutes. You can see Stewie {530} getting stuck for a bit at the start and Kaylen docking at the very end.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

roomba 550 and 530: Malkin and Stewie adventure {Feb. 2nd 2011}

Greymalkin is stuck...again.

Malkin: Help me!!

Stewie: Hang on, I'll rescue you!

Malkin's out!

Malkin: Stewie, you're my hero.

Malkin goes to sleep.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Greymalkin, 550.

This was January 23rd, Malkin was doing her usual sweep around that stupid old huge monitor that I finally got rid of the other day. She seemed to be playing with one of the cat's toys :P

kaylen is curious about casper

Kaylen {my 560} was curious about Casper! ;)

Kept poking around him while he was resting {and chased Malkin off once when she got too close, on the left}. i don't think he minded that much.

sorry about the dimness of the videos! they didn't turn out so bright.


this is Casper a roomba 530, i got this little fellow used from an owner who had added pets to their household and 'needed an upgrade.' when i got him he was so full of hair, took me over an hour to clean him out, he charged for about 3 hours, then i let him do a cleaning run. He went right at it! Since he's all white I named him Casper.

look at him go!!!

Has a squeaky bumper though. Got to fix that. But his battery is good and he moves and cleans just fine. After cleaning the room he went to recharge fine. He'll be a happy robot here for now.

...well one video didn't upload and these two that did only look so-so. Sorry!