Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dirt Detect Light blinking constantly - Pippy

All right, you can see the video here, from start to finish on this problem that started AFTER I cleaned the gear box out. Pippy was not doing this before, but she needed the gear box totally cleaned out and re-lubed. Which I did--took almost an hour. There was dust in the motor too, which I cleared out with canned air and tweezers.

Put her all back together and started her up, and here is the result. Dirt detect light will appear soon after starting even though the floor is actually really clean; then after a minute or so it will blink constantly while she goes about cleaning for the rest of the time.

If it's not one thing, it's another! I will keep you posted about how I fix this.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roomba 530 WON'T TURN OFF!

{{That's our dog in the video! This thing totally threw her for a loop. She couldn't figure it out. The sentiment on it is pretty mutual...}}

So I got this little guy on Ebay and powered him up, charged fine. Then I hit clean on the dock, and nothing happens. So I already know something's wrong by now. I place the roomba out on the carpet and hit Clean again. This time the alert says, "Please check and clean Roomba's right wheel." I check it, turn it manually, set the robot back down and press Clean again. The poor roomba did/said the same thing.

So, I replaced the right wheel module with one that I knew was working from another Roomba {sorry, Ginger..} and then...the fun started.

You can see what happened in the partial video. When I turned the roomba over to remove the battery it gave a single error beep--error 1.

The screws on many of the modules as well as a few of the bumper screws are rusty. I suspect this Roomba is a victim of water damage.

I will keep everyone posted! For now..I think I'll call him Wade :P