Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roomba 530 WON'T TURN OFF!

{{That's our dog in the video! This thing totally threw her for a loop. She couldn't figure it out. The sentiment on it is pretty mutual...}}

So I got this little guy on Ebay and powered him up, charged fine. Then I hit clean on the dock, and nothing happens. So I already know something's wrong by now. I place the roomba out on the carpet and hit Clean again. This time the alert says, "Please check and clean Roomba's right wheel." I check it, turn it manually, set the robot back down and press Clean again. The poor roomba did/said the same thing.

So, I replaced the right wheel module with one that I knew was working from another Roomba {sorry, Ginger..} and then...the fun started.

You can see what happened in the partial video. When I turned the roomba over to remove the battery it gave a single error beep--error 1.

The screws on many of the modules as well as a few of the bumper screws are rusty. I suspect this Roomba is a victim of water damage.

I will keep everyone posted! For now..I think I'll call him Wade :P

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