Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Amazing Aerovac!

Courtesy of my Costco 550 Roomba, dubbed "Orchid," pictured above. I have nothing but praise for this vacuum. Here at my home we have 4 cats and a dog, as well as a few humans, all dropping hair and fur all over the place. Not to mention the usual {and generally invisible} buildup of dust. While all my Roombas have changed that situation for the better, when I took Orchid out and let her loose on the living room and kitchen, I was amazed by how much hair was not only in that bin, but NOT on the brushes. There was a lot less hair on the brushes themselves, though it still did build up on the ends of the brushes. But the after-cleaning cleanup was much quicker, plus, Orchid with her amazing Aerovac bin picked up way more dirt!

Over time I hope to replace many if not most of my Roombas' bins with nifty Aerovac ones. I definitely recommend it for a home with pets! And now because no entry is complete without a Roomba video here's Orchid and Yoki cleaning the floor:

Orchid came to me as a used Roomba offloaded by an owner who just didn't want a roomba anymore. She'll never wear out her welcome here!

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