Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slug - HE LIVES!

The little roomba that could. Slug, you icon of persistence and endurance. You have probably inspired thousands of robots everywhere whose LEDs have seen better days. Until the day I finally fixed you, I was never able to see what kind of a roomba you really were.

Here's a video of Slug in action!

And another picture. Here is is docked after tirelessly cleaning the room, he's next to Snowy here.

Bleh, it rotated to the side. Well, Slug is the one on the right, well, near the top of the photo here. Snowy is more bluish. That's how I tell them apart, when they aren't running. When they are running I can tell them apart because Slug can beep and Snowy can't.

To those who are curious: Both of these are roomba 530's. They're an awesome little robot available used for often under $100 if you shop around, especially on Ebay. I got both these guys under $100. Now that Slug's been fixed he's as good at cleaning as any other.

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